Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dear Cingular

Dear Cingular, the new At&t.  We have been together for almost 7 years.  Gosh, has it really been that long?  I think it started right after highschool, I left a familiar place where I knew all my options, I knew where all the towers were, I was comfortable.  Leaving that place, I had to find another option, the one I had been with for so long wasn't available in my new location.  I went out looking, listened to the advice of close friends, and I chose you.  At the time, your name was BellSouth.  I wasn't the biggest fan of your name, but your towers were quite nice.  You covered a lot of area near my dorm.  We would talk for hours and hours, it was such an awesome time.  We would go on long trips together.  I remember one time, we went on a trip to Omaha, Nebraska.  We flew on a plane together to buy a new Jeep Wrangler.  Sure, I had to store you away for a few hours, but we talked 4 hours on the way back, it was so fun. 

Sure, we had our dropped calls sometimes and you hung up on me, but I still always forgave you when you would call back.  I have kept up with our timers, and I think we have spend a few months literally talking.  Just in the past 3 years with you, I have talked with you for 36 hours.  That's 3 days straight with no breaks.  We have spent so much time together. 

To be honest, I have checked out the other networks.  I have even flirted with the idea of leaving you and going somewhere else.  I've talked to other guys and heard what they say about their relationships, it does sound good.  I am tempted.  You have done a lot lately to keep me interested.  You expanded your territory.  You changed your name.  You have even given me new options on ways to talk to you, I have many choices and technologies to choose from. 

I called you the other day and even talked about the future and what I am thinking. I asked you about the process of what it would be like if I changed.  You didn't beg me to stay, you didn't ask me how you could improve, you didn't ask if you were doing anything wrong, you were just going to let me go. 

What do I do?  I am so confused.  Most of my friends are moving over.  All and all, I am happy with you.  I feel like if I go, you'll entice me back and make me sign a contract with you.  Maybe I will stay with you, no contract for now. 


erin said... ain't right:)...this reminded me of when i read the letter at moe's about them not having the colored chips anymore. tough can do it.

rachwest said...

I too understand your pain. I recently broke up with Cingular after our 7 year relationship. Verizon came knocking and Cingular just couldn't compete. Still there was a time of mourning.

julietravels said...

something to think about...cingular phones are the only ones designed to have a sim card...something that only overseas phones use. sooo, if you ever plan to go overseas, cingular is just buy a sim card in any given country and you can call. just some more to think about...