Friday, February 03, 2006

Fumblin around in Boston

Greetings I had to come up to the northeast part of our fine country this week for work. I had to work through Thursday but decided to call up a buddy of mine, John Scott and stay with him at Harvard. Yes, he is a nerd.

People up here seem to love the horn. It's amazing how many times a day you will hear the horn blow. I really want to look at most of them and say..."is your day that rushed that you need to act like an idiot?" I chose not fear that they might pull out a gat and mow me down.

The city is pretty awesome downtown. They have MANY places to eat which qualifies as a good city in my book. I also discovered that it is impossible to have a car up here, you cannot park it. You might be able to drive around and get cursed at and beeped at, but you will not park your car, so fill up, drive around is what you do. :)

I really like messing with people on airplanes. As we were getting off the plane in DC, I noticed that a woman was listening to my conversation with a co-worker. So I say.."The President is going to be so excited to see us." I don't know why that stuff really makes me happy. Haha. I could have kept it going, but i figured that was enough.

I walked around Harvard yesterday, I felt like I was making all the students dumber just by walking by them. Someone told me that I even "looked southern." Now how in the world do you look Southern if you are not dressed southern. I had on dress pants, a long sleeve polo, etc. ??? Even Northern people have hair on their face. I should have asked.

Anywho, I'm going to roam around again. :)


Laura said...

A girl I went to PT school with lives in Boston now. It's a cool city... hope ya have fun! BTW, the clam chowder is awesome.

Share Your Smile said...

Hey Justin - hope Boston was awesome - just thought I'd drop you a line - my blog is back up and running after about a year - no time like the present - - Keep seeking after Jesus! Meredith

April said...

Hey bud!

Glad you're having fun messin' around with people. Keep up the good work.

I went to Newspring this really got me thinking. I can't wait to meet up with you and Rachel when you get back.


erin said...

justin tanner in boston! good thing i didnt get around to callin you back this may have been out partying too much for me to catch you. we will talk soon my friend:)

Julie said...

Gotta love Boston! Hope you had a good time! Glad you were safe and got to experience Ivey League Schools at their best!

Julie said...

I do know how to spell "IVY," by the way...I just don't do such a great job with spell check when it comes to blogs!

Bri said...

Mr. Tanner - It's been entirely too long, so I just wanted to say hi. I hope everything is going well. Miss you!