Tuesday, August 09, 2005

On the road

Well, I have fallen in love. Please exhale, I promise it's not what you think. She's not blonde, nope, she doesn't have dark hair either. She is actually white and has a shine to her.

Okay, I really love the toilet in the hotel I'm staying at. It's a pressure assisted toilet much like this one. If you have never experienced this type of toilet, you are missing out. Have you ever been visiting someone or maybe even at your boo's place or parents place and been worried about the toilet flushing?? Or maybe you have just imagined what it would be like if the toilet wouldn't flush? Has this happened to you? Don't just take my word for it, you have to try this toilet. I am on the road this week traveling for work . I checked into the hotel yesterday and as soon as I got to my room, I completed a #1. I hit the flush button and you would have thought it was the ignite button on a bomb. The toilet flushed so hard that I barely had time to see the water leave. Immediately I had to investigate. I took the lid off the back of the toilet to see how many horses she was pushing. Man! This toilet is awesome. It creates a vacuum and sucks all the water out quicker than you can blink! I've got to get one of these, amazing.
Another thing I like about being in a hotel is the king sized bed. My bed at the pimp plantation is a single bed and many people laugh when they see it. It's about the size of bed that an 8 year old should sleep in. I curl so my feet don't hang off the end. Back to the king bed. It's great, I love the feeling you get when you open the door after a long day and you see the big huge king just waiting to break your fall. Ahhhhh. Lots of pillows too.

Not much new to update. I have been super busy with work and not much time to do anything else.

Oh yeah, the blog I wrote about Joel Olsteen blew up. So many hits from all over the place were coming in. I think I was on the top 10 hits on yahoo. Craziness. I kinda felt bad for writing it...oh, no I didn't, let me stop lying. The truth is the truth, whether it's on Larry King or Oprah. I think I'll go flush the toilet for fun a few times before bed....:)


erin said...

justin tanner..please tear yourself away from your love of this toilet. you have forsaken your blog...geeze..come on now..get your priorites straight.

Julie said...

You cannot post one blog about a toilet and another blog about God sending you a wife within the same month. I will give you one hint as to what might help you get that wife you are waiting for...stop blogging about TOILETS!!!!