Tuesday, June 21, 2005

That aint even right

Breasts. Many many blogs ago, I wrote about a woman breast-feeding in
the toy aisle of my local Walmart. This very much bothered me and the
many young children that were trying to eye the latest Star Wars set
and saw a different set. What was this woman thinking? I'm not
really sure.

Recently I went to visit some "friends" for dinner. One of my buddies
had a baby recently and I had not seen this child yet. I walk in the
house and see his wife sitting on the couch with the baby and then see
all the guys outside. Again, I've never seen this child so the first
thing I do is go straight to the baby. There was about 20 feet
between the time I walked in the door until I could reach the baby and
his "mama." Well upon stepping within the 5 feet zone, I was
informed, "I'm breast-feeding." Now isn't that something I should
have been told at the 20 foot mark. I could have easily avoided the
"no fly" zone and missed the breasts on the couch. I think there
should be some written rule about communication while a woman is doing
that. I'm all about God's creation and how it's amazing that a woman
has the ability to do that. It really is. But I'm not all about
seeing it happen while I'm trying to eat a steak dinner or maybe even
just driving in my car. Either way, I still find it quite hilarioius
and comical.

I really just enjoy life and all the characters that make it up. It's great.

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