Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I caught our washing machine eating a sock of mine. I just happened
to open the door at the right time and saw one of my socks being
chewed on!

For years I have wondered why my sock drawer looks like an orphanage.
None of my socks has a brother or sister. They are all alone. They
are all the same color because I'm color blind and it's sometimes
tough to match socks, so I buy them all the same color. White, brown,
or black.

I really like buying socks, so I honestly don't mind losing them
sometimes. I bought some new socks in charleston that actually take
the sweat away from your feet. But what I am wondering is...well if
they take the sweat away from your feet....where do they put it??? It
goes in your shoe. Unless it just disappears. Maybe.


Candice said...

They "VA-POO-RIZE" it!

Tia said...

I'm so sorry that I discriminated against blogspot! That was definitely not my intention. However, Livejournal IS better. So you should sign up simply so that you can read my posts =). I would love that. And I will read some of your posts now as well.

I agree, it has been a while. We should chat soon and catch up. oh... and my dad is color-blind so I half-way feel ya. hah. Anyway. Take care and have a great summer! peace

erin said...

Did I tell you about what our washing machine ate a while back? It started not draining any water and one night my clothes just sat in water and we had to drain them by hand. So we call the repair man and lo and behold it had gotten hungry and eaten a pair of my dadadums:( So needless to say that pair was put to rest..they were to' up...will have to replace them...which reminds still have the Victoria's Secret Free Panty Card I have you for your birthday?