Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Not quite a packrat

Every single time I move to a new place, I go through all my old
stuff. I never want to throw any of it away. I hold onto everything.
It's the strangest thing. I have the desire now to be organized but
struggle to fully comprehend the whole idea. Daily, I walk in my room
and look around at the things that are there. I need help in this
area. I have improved a lot over the past year and I don't think I
will ever be super "organized." Hopefully the Lord will send me a
chick that likes to straighten up and all that jazz. I didn't say
clean, people, so don't get mad. Well if she did like to clean, that
would be cool too. And well cook, do laundry, have children, etc
etc...i kid i kid.

Anyway. It's funny to look back at old stuff and see how things in
your life have changed and also how some things have remained the
same. I heard this quote in a song I think..."If you want to make God
laugh, tell Him your plans." This is funny stuff to me. I believe
that it is true. It is very helpful to have an idea of where you want
your life to go, but we should never limit it to only that. We must
be ready to take a hard left or right at the drop of a hat. I think
"change" is really tough for many people. Stepping away from what you
"know" into the "unknown." SCARY.

I really like people. There is just something to be said about
hanging around with good people that are on the same page of life as
you. I like people on different pages of life too. :)

We found an ant living and well in the center of a peach yesterday,
this was profound.


Candice said...

truly profound. kind of like the quotes on your refrigerator :)!

JT said...

Now WhitYEY, u don't want me to bring up the quotes on the fridge. I will just share one for now. As I'm sitting on Lindsay Taguba's legs, she says...."don't flex on me!" in typical linds tugboat taguba tone. She accussed me of flexing my butt muscles on her, gross...who would do that.

Laura said...

I always enjoy your blogs. I too recently thought about my life and how it's changed... and then I think about how much it will change in the future. No day is ever the same... so you must enjoy each one individually!