Monday, May 09, 2005

Hit on Life

I'm a nerd and I must confess something. For about a year now I've become very good at stalking. Let me clarify before you go and hide your children from me. Since the invention of the internet has come along (Thanks Al Gore :) , many things have changed in this world. One thing that has changed is stalking. t I should start giving an explanation. I would say that basically 75% of things I have learned since age 20 have come through the internet. For about 4 years, I have studied apologetics and completely through the internet. For about 3-4 years, I've studied evangelism, mostly through the internet and audio sermons. Check this site out This website can teach you about everything from lock picking to how cars work. I tell you all of that to give a background into what I'm about to say.

So I've had friends through the past year that have had "interests." Whether it comes in the form of a guy asking the girl out or the guy asking the girl out, they need me! "Why Justin?", you ask. Well here is why. See before you go out with anyone, you must do your homework. You must perform a google search on them. I'm not talking about any google search, google searching is a skill that is not easily taught. A buddy of mine, who is now engaged to be married in a month is fruit of my work. He started "talking" to this girl and I dug up some good information on her. Basically just some really good things people said about her and some funny pictures. He thoroughly enjoyed it and learned about his soon to be woman. The scary thing about google searching is that people can find out anything. They can find out your personal web page, they can find out where you live, they can find out anything you post on the internet. So before you date that next guy or girl, please contact me and I will let you know whether they are quality enough for you :)

So back to stalking. On my webpage, I can see the # of people that visit the page, this is commonly known as a "hit." One visit counts as one "hit." So I logged in the other day and saw that over 13,000 people have "hit" my page. It shows that these people came from all over the world. Some from the Netherlands, some from Australia, some from France, and other really random places. These people come from all walks of life. Something dawned on me. I thought about all the crazy and random things I write about. I thought about the good things that matter to the Lord. I thought about the stories regarding gas and well, you know those stories. 13,000 people have read these things! I started thinking about life, our lives, and how many MORE people "hit" them. People watch us daily, they see us in our good times and in our bad times. They see us when we are laughing, they see us when we are crying. Someone is always watching. How many people have logged into my life and seen something not honoring? Sometimes, someone might hit your blog once, read the most recent post and never come back again. You only got one chance to make it count. You only have 1 life to make your hits count. I surely want people to come back and visit my life, not because of anything that I've "done" or anything I've "worked" for, but because of the Lord's presence in my life and I hope to have pointed them to Him. I had dinner with a friend today and he said a professor he met at seminary "walked in humility." What a beautiful thing to say about someone. A man who got one chance to make an impression on someone and in 5 minutes, they knew he was of the Lord and followed hard after Him.

Eminem had a point, u really do only have one shot, do not miss your chance. yes, I quoted eminem. Forigve me, I'm male.


erin said...

i am just glad that you finally admitted that you stalk people on the internet.

Julie said...

And it's sicko's like you and my husband who are one day going to wind up in jail for stalking something illegal. The truly sad thing...that you waste that much time on the computer. You could be doing something like finding a wife in the meantime!!!! Just kidding! Love you JT!

JT said...

Julie, why find a wife when I am so good at spurring others along to find their mates. 2/2 so far. Date me, and you are sure of a man within 2 weeks or 2 months. That's my span. It's so fun to pick on yourself!

jenny said...

i'm not sure that i'd thought about it like that before... i know that people read my blog from all kinds of places (thankyou webstat) but i should be using my blog more to glorify God. hmmm... thankyou for good thinking inspiration.