Friday, May 06, 2005

A good wreck

Growing up in the country usually means you are going to have some type of recreational vehicle. My first ride was around the age of 5 and I got a 4x4 battery powered truck that I could drive. My mom would let me charge it all night and then drive it all the way to the store, which was about equivalent to 10 miles as an adult. It was so fun. I would take my $1 and be able to buy a mountain dew and a whatchamcalic (sp) candy bar. Those were great days.

The next thing we got was a go-cart. Now this thing was interesting. We would drive that thing around all day and then it would break. My dad would spend time fixing it and we would be back on the dirt roads of Hamer, SC.

The next choice vehicle was a Honda 110 three wheeler. This thing was fun. The very first day we got it was awesome. Well until something happened. My brother and I and some buddies took it a few miles from our house. We were riding in a dried up pond. So fun. I was going up a cliff and then another guy ran in front of me so I had to move quickly to some shrubs. Well there was something behind the shrubs, a 15 foot cliff. I went straight down, head first and front wheel first. It landed, threw me forward and the ATV landed on top of me. I was hurt, leg was busted open and burned pretty deep. They loaded me on the three wheeler and took me home so I could hide on the couch under the blankets. We couldn't tell my parents or they might take it from us. So we just bandaged my leg up and shhhhhh, kept it a secret. Of course, they found out. I didn't get in trouble though.

I got a motorcycle after the 3 wheeler. It was a 1977 XL100 and it was such a fun thing. Busted my chin open on that one driving across a field wide open then hitting a pile of dirt.

Now I have a huge dirtbike that I have yet to really wreck. Relationships are much like how you handle recreational vehicles. You almost have to get burned really bad one time to appreciate how fragile you can be on them or in them. I don't do stupid stuff anymore on motorcycles because I know that one bad move and you are done. Relationships aren't as easy to control! Just watch what you drive! You never can predict!

Off to look for a new car :)

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Candice said...

OOOH. This is a good one JT! The similarities between that and real life are so true.