Friday, May 19, 2006


So I have been faithful to Cingular for around 6-7 years if you count the time that they were Bellsouth DCS.  I have spoken highly of her and always defended her.  Without Cingular in my life, I probably would have the shakes and have very little communication with some friends.  When others speak more highly of their wireless carrier, I alway speak even higher for my precious Cingular.  I exalt her name amongst the other carriers always. 

Things change!

As I was traveling down Interstate 85 last Friday something sparked inside me.  Let me tell you what happened.  I was talking on the phone and in good conversation when the dreaded happens.  DROPPED CALL!  As I look down at my phone, with no bars, and the terror runs through my heart, only to look up to the sky and see a huge billboard with the words..."CINGULAR, RAISING THE BAR."  How could this be?  How could they place a sign in an exact place that they have troubled service?  Were they not thinking of these things?  I was hurt, injured bad.  So now, to you, oh precious Cingular, I am starting to look other places.  Yes, I'm starting to look at other wireless carriers. 


Blake Wilbanks said...

My wireless history:

I started out with Altell, they were the only ones in town that had any service so they were the obvious choice. But they didn't work to well in my dorm at Clemson so I switched to SunCom - boy was that a huge mistake of not investigating. After my year was up I switched to Cingular, simply because everyone in Clemson had it. I kept them my two years - I was never too upset but they were never great. Then I finally decided to try Verizon. I was always skeptical - they seemed pompus, you know the #1 Wireless Network claims. But I asked around the people who had VWireless liked them. So I've been quite pleased going on 2 years. I mean yeah I have dead spots but they seem to be consistent.

daniel r. bass said...

Yeah, Ive had Cingular almost 2 years now, they havnt cut it. The best thing they have going for them is the rollover minutes. I will not be renewing. After a little research, I will probably be going to Verizon, they seem to have to best coverage here in the Upstate.

April said...

All I've got to say is get "In", baby!

Sandy Gibbes said...

Come to the darkside JT. Join In.

Ed said...

Can you hear me now?