Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. I have been very slow on the blogs lately. I spared a few of you.

So I will post a new year post very soon because I want all of you to be jealous you were not at our party, what a blast.

For now, I am about to show you the dumbest video you will see in 2006. My mom and I went down to the beach to dig the oysters for our party. (it was an oyster roast). After we got the oysters, me and my lil sister decided to shoot a small video about what oysters must feel.

Enjoy it here.


April said...

I said it all in my post! You're the best! :) I'm still laughing!!

JT said...


I'm glad I have friends like you who try and make me feel good, I hope you didn't laugh too hard at that video, it was prob. the dumbest video ever made. Wait, it was. Two Tanners..well really 3 counting mom.

Haha. Thanks!

Vanessa said...

highly entertaining...thoroughly enjoyed!

Leigh Ann said...

Hey Justin... I watched your video - haha, it was great!
I have something funny for you...
copy and paste this link

Seriously, it might be the most hilarious, RIDICULOUS thing I have ever seen!

Hope you are doing well my friend! Happy New Year to you! I live in Colorado now... check out my blog. Maybe our paths will cross again someday - until then....

Julie said...

Had a great time at the New Years blast! Thanks for hosting! It was nice not to be the host for once!