Sunday, October 16, 2005

Meet Herbert

So a few months back, I got really sick one week and did not leave my room for 3 days straight. I did not eat anything, well some crackers that Rachel West brought over :). But that was it. I lost about 10-15 pounds that I later found quite fast. Anyway, I came down from my sickness and ventured out into the living area of 106 Canterbury and discovered what you will see on this video. Enjoy.

I am out in College Station, TX this week for work so I had some creative time. :)


Sandy Gibbes said...

I love it. And oh how I miss Herbert. And Oh how I miss Say-Say. JT, hurry home.

jerri said...

I am devastated that you would make a film about a groundhog and not even mention me, JT! And I thought you knew that my birthday already IS a national holiday! I'm going to cry myself to sleep and hopefully when I wake up this will all be just a bad dream.

Laura said...

So, decided to visit Aggieland. Isn't that sacrilegous for a Clemson alum? Too bad I'm not closer to College Station or I don't have time off cause then I'd come visit ya since you're in my neck of the woods. Maybe next time!