Monday, July 11, 2005

Form over Function

We finally met the cow. For months now, I've awoken to
some intense mooing. No comments please. We could not figure out for
the life of us where this "moo" was coming from. During slip n slide
party day, I was grilling some steak and chicken on the back porch
when all of the sudden, I heard the loudest MOO! I look up and there
is a cow standing almost in our back yard. He was about 30-40 yards
from me and just looking intently at our house. I think he had the
feeling that I was grilling a relative. Anyway. So our neighbors
have a cow that moos, story over.

I went to church on Sunday (Grace on Pelham in Greenville.) Matt
Williams was speaking on the subject of worship. It's become a really
popular subject in the modern church movement. He stated that many
times we focus on the form over the function. The form of music often
supercedes the function of worship. You hear people leave the service
criticizing the music, or the singer, etc etc. People lose the focus
of what worship is about. I used to complain and say that I didn't
like to listen to hymns. Many people LOVE hymns and can really
connect with God through hymns. It really doesn't matter about the
form as long as the function of worship is reached. The form often
times becomes a distraction and we get lost in it. Girls get so
wrapped up in the planning of a wedding that they forget to plan for
the marrage, the form is embraced and the function in neglected. I
guess guys can do the same thing, but rarely. I guess I just don't
know many guys that plan weddings. There are instruments that were
used in the old testament that we don't even have today. It doesn't
matter what type of instrument is used to worship the Lord just as
long as He is worshipped. Banjo, trashcans, violin, guitar, or even a
really bad singer. Make a joyful noise bad singers. :)

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Ed said...

I'm all about a souped up tempo on a garbage can!
God wants us to bless His name and worship with a JOYFUL NOISE! Think about the word "noise." That really reveals His requirement for form.