Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Not a spare to share

It's been quite a while again since I've written anything, hey, I'm writing something.  It feels good to sit down and just vomit your mind out through your fingers.  That sounded gross, sorry.  It's liberating to tell the truth.  Lately, I've been fighting with God and slowly growing, but growing.  Things have picked up and I'm happy.
This past weekend was jam packed.  Drove down to Columbia, SC on Friday night, went bowling with my boy Jason(he has added nothing) and some new girl_with a space_friends. We had a great time and stayed out until about 4AM. Why do I do these things to my body? Either way, it was fun and worth the pain of waking up the next day. I left Jason's apt and headed to Marion FBC to speak at a college cook-out.

It's always fun to think and pray about what you are supposed to speak on. Sometimes the Lord just hands you a happy meal and you are confident that is your message. Other times, it seems that it's more like a blender and you really don't feel clarity about anything, these are the times that can be interesting and fun. When I got to Marion, I noticed two guys that I went to school with. Erin and Jon Jones. Both of these guys are really following the Lord now and leading worship at their church. I love hearing and seeing my old buddies talk about the Lord. I ended up talking abou Balaam and the Donkey. Quite fun to talk about. Proof that the Lord can use an ass and I'm not being funny either :) If you want to read, it's in Numbers 21-22.

Sometimes I can feel the Lord all over me while I speak, other times I feel like it's a struggle. It's probably not something people can notice, but I do, and it bothers me. I think the Lord is teaching me to depend on Him completely and not just on what I know, which is not much, and I'm not being humble. It was a great time and I got to have some good conversations afterwards.

After speaking, I hugged everyone and headed up to Pawley's Island to Carrie Turner's. Her family is awesome and I feel like I'm at home when I'm around them. Her family grew up in the same place that my dad did so they share a lot of the same. Her dad tells the same type of jokes my dad tells, it's great. Josh Turner is Carrie Turner's older brother, he's a country singer. I said it like that because everyone always says, Carrie is Josh Turner's sister. I want to be special. His tour bus got in a wreck right before we went to church, but everyone was ok, and the man whose car was in the road, walked away with only a scratch. (He is blessed!). I had a great time with them and at their church. Her church had a bbq for her and she raised lots of bling bling for a mission trip to Costa Rica!

All and all it was a great weekend, not to mention that it rained the whole time, and of course, no top on my Jeep. I love pulling up beside people and watching them laugh. Sometimes older ladies say, "i'm sorry darlin." It's quite amusing. Rain feels good this time of year!

This was a random blog and somewhat out of my personality. I just hit my head on my motorcyle while I was trying to fix it, it is currently swelling up above my eye and this could have something to do with why I am writing a blog that describes most of my weekend and could help give evidence into why I just wrote a paragraph run-on sentence. The Lord is good, All the time.

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gh5204 said...

Hey, Justin -- do you think maybe sometime you can come and speak to the youth group at Living Word (Chadbourn - Holly's home church)? It would be on a Sunday night - we have these events once a month called Rush Hour. Let me know if you're interested (there's pay involved!)
Ginny Hardin

PS: Isn't there some kind of cover you could get for your Jeep? We could take up an offering to get it for you!!!