Monday, June 14, 2004


Today was a good day, I really don't have bad days. Well rarely. There was that time when I got towed twice in the same day, two different states, two different cars. How could I get mad? That's just funny and could only happen to a man obsessed with gnomes. Speaking of gnomes, well I didn't see one today, but I did see this nice lil turtle at the shooting range. I would like your comments to try and explain how this nice lil box turtle found his way on top of this shot up Yoo Hoo can located at our local shooting range. Don't worry, we saved his life. My heroic friend Nick loves to save box turtles from the road. Congrats Nick! 4 saved today!

Also, it has been brought to my attention that there is a "man-eater" in Columbia, SC. Watch out boyz, she will chew you up. If you see her, make way, and God forbid, do not be one of those guys that calls her. Oh my my. Her name is _ A _ _ _ N.

On a serious note, well how could there be a serious note when this blog has a picture of a turtle on a yoo hoo can? Well let's try. Why is there such a huge division between calvinists and armenianists? Don't we all have a common goal of reaching the lost? Don't we all have the same command, to go out and make disciples? It baffles me that so many Christians waste their time arguing these points...does anyone out there really know it all? I'm sure some would answer yes and I would say...goodnight, I'm going to bed.


Jodie said...

I have a gnome in my garden. He followed me home from the thrift store one day...

Have you seen "Amelie" (the French movie). That's my favorite gnome.

Anonymous said...

you sure you didn't fake that :) either ways, it makes you smile
- Dr. No

Holly said...

Hey Jodie - I love the movie Amelie. Yes I do love it and the gnome.

Hey Justin - My dad used to rescue turtles for me. He would bring them home and I would name them and then write their name on their stomach with a white paint pen and that way I would be able to know if I found that same turtle again. It never worked.

My guess is that someone put the turtle on the can.

My teacher assigned us to go the website for one of our classes. Well the webmaster noticed the large amount of traffic from FOTF and noted it on the site. It started a thread and then someone challenged Dr. Dobson or someone from Focus to a debate. And my teacher has accepted. He's awesome. Its his gift to debate like that. They are going to do on the internet. And then eventually in person, because the man lives in Denver. I have to read good books. Bye Justin.