Sunday, June 13, 2004

Gracefully Falling

An interesting day in my heart. Have you ever had those points in your faith where you feel numb? The problem with the numbness was that it has been numb for many months and you have only now come to realize it. That's me.

It is so easy to get comfortable with the way you are living and it gets even easier to get comfortable with the sin in your life. One thing leads to another, gradually your faith weakens and weakens. Your influence on people for the positive gets worse and worse.

I think for many years, I have been spiritually spoiled. Spoiled in the way that little kids are spoiled by rich parents. I've never had a really really terrible time in my faith, although I have had some slow spots. Tonight was one of those nights that I saw myself for who I truly am, sinful and weak. One of those nights that you can feel people praying for you. It's a strange, but refreshing feeling. To know that God has not left me on the side of the road and no matter how nasty the sin in my life has gotten me, He still wants to pick me up. We are so blessed that God does not give up on us and we are even more blessed that He doesn't treat us how we often treat Him. Oh I would really be messed up.

God continues to chase and no matter how many times we run, He will find us. I'm so glad He found me.

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Lisa Mann Freeman said...

Justin, i am also glad that God found you because you have been a tremendous vessel that He has used to teach me plenty. remember...going back to where I was would just be wrong...Im pressing on! i miss you bunches...and have so many funny funny funny things that i can only tell you about africa!