Sunday, February 07, 2010

Don't be greedy

It's interesting that Jesus spends a lot of time in the New Testament talking about money. He talks about money more than Hell. I found this news story today and it hurts to even see. This pastor in the video has been associated with a church that I went to years ago, and it makes me wonder when that church too will go down this path, or possibly may already be down it. The Church should be above reproach, if there is something the outside world sees as wrong, we should be the first to make it right. The video is from and the link is here.



Huli said...

did you see the one of his house? a video imitating "cribs". same website

JT said...

Yeah, amazing.

Huli said...

ok, i think the video i just saw is worse - if you can imagine. same website, same person. ridiculous. sad.