Monday, October 12, 2009

Diego got a little more expensive

So it's been a while 'ol blog, I'm sorry for leaving you.  Just trying to stay afloat in San Diego in the busiest season of my entire life.  My job has really become a lifestyle and not so much a set number of hours everyday.  I'm on call almost 24/7 and I feel like I should be on a reality show.  Somehow over the past year and a half here in San Diego, I've managed to meet an enormous amount of people and the loveliest girl ever.  We have officially been dating 1 year as of October 8th!  It's funny how God works out timing in our lives and I would even manage to be in San Diego working 70-90 hours a week and still meet a beautiful woman.

So about that beautiful woman, I decided to do a few sweet things for the special day and one of them happened to be a nice restaurant called Nobu.  Abby and I have eaten so many places around San Diego so I wanted to take her somewhere she or I had never been.  Well, this place was not amercianized sushi, it was the real deal.  You name it, we ate it.  It was a course after course kinda meal, that ended with the sushi, then some desert. :)  Well, let me back up to our ordering process.  Many of the things on the menu, we weren't sure what to choose.  So I saw they had the "chef special" which included the signature dishes across the menu.  I saw it as a way to eat everything, at least get a sample of everything.  The waiter said it was a must.  So we went with that.  Abby was not a big fan of all the food, but it was still an awesome time of trying lots of different things. 

After dinner, Abby got up to use the restroom while I asked for the check.  The waiter brought it over, I opened it up, and found that the "chef special" for $120 was actually per person.  So on October 9th, I officially paid for the most expensive meal of my life, $347.  All I could do was smile and laugh, you can't really get mad.  It was a memorable story.  Abby just looked at my face when she got back, I waited til we were outside to actually share with her the amount of money we had just consumed.  All and all, it was a $347 experience that we will never forget.  I would have been happy sitting on the back of a truck eating Zaxby's with her. 

So I'll spend the rest of the month eating noodles.  :)


Candice said...

Love this story. SO wish we could overnight you guys some Zaxby'' real!

erin said...

but what a great story:) glad you are happy...whether its eating $347 worth or zaxby' content in all circumstances. is that what paul meant? congratulations on a year.