Saturday, July 11, 2009

Costa Rica Night 1

  • 5:30 Am wake up
  • Hottie Girlfriend Abby takes me to airport - what a sweetie
  • Leave at 7:30AM from Diego City, connect in Atlanta.
  • Talk to a nice woman my mom's age from Coronado about all the fine foods of San Diego for four hours!
  • Connection in Atlanta, eat some marinated chicken and rice, then leave for Costa Rica
  • Fly into Liberia airport at 7:00PM and no problems getting through
  • Take a $75 cab 1 hour away to Tamarindo.  Had a nice conversation with the cab driver Marcos who didn't speak English.  We had fun learning each other's language and finally settled that we both liked Michael Jackson's music and ended our cab ride jamming out to it. 
  • Met up with J Greezy at a nice lil restaurant Nougi's.  Had some chips and guac. and a margarita.
  • Hit a dance club up, got hit on by a prostitute, sorry, I'm taken.
  • Hit up a place down from the club that was grilling marinated chicken on the street, SO GOOD.
  • Hit up another dance club.  Didn't dance.
  • Ended the night eating a really huge hot dog with bacon on it! 
Tomorrow the plan is to surf and eat nachos :)

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Abigail said...

So not cool! I don't like Costa Rica.