Monday, February 02, 2009


I understand paying Caesas what is Caesars.  But, does it make sense that when you make up to a certain amount of money you can deduct student loan interest, but when you make over a certain amount of money, you can't.  What is the difference?  You are penalized for bettering yourself and making more money so you can pay off student loans quicker?  Is this really the way our IRS system is set-up?  This type of stuff I find very frustrating.  I work really hard and actually had to pay for college myself by taking out loans.  Other people lied and report income lower than what their parents made, received TAX PAYER money from the government in the form of GRANTS that they would NEVER have to pay for.  I am actually working hard, paid for my own education, and being penalized for making more money now and can't even deduct the interest.  This is the law and I respect it, but it doesn't mean that someone shouldn't speak up and say this is not cool.  :)


Chris Moody said...

I wish I had that problem!

geisme said...

Justin, I hear your pain. I agree with you. I am very impressed that you paid for your entire college on your own by loans! Praying that God will restore that to you. btw- how's your friend? You've been pretty absent in the blog world, so I can only assume you've been too busy w/work and/or her.
Hope life is treating you well.