Monday, April 24, 2006

Wrong Way

My work crew left today for lunch. There were about 7 of us in the SUV and we were going our merry way when we noticed something unusual. A car was merging onto a major highway in the "off ramp." We all wanted to see what would happen as the car approached the highway in the wrong direction. We were on the other side of the road merging onto the highway on the correct ramp. As we looked back and could see that the car was about to start on the road, we see that he realizes the mistake he has made. But at this point, he's stuck and can't really get off the highway. Other cars move around him, some go off the road, we all kinda laugh and find humor in it. We went along our merry way and had lunch.

After work, I was thinking, how in the world could that guy miss all the signs and go the wrong way. As I was passing the path he took, I noticed that there were two signs warning him but they were dull. The "Do not Enter" sign was blemished and dulled by the sun and you could hardly read it. The "Wrong Way" sign was pretty much the same way. It all made sense to me how this guy could have taken that wrong turn, he didn't really have many warnings.

This is a pretty good picture of the church for the most part. I get apathetic and complacent and end up being a dull sign and sometimes not even readable at all while people in this world blow right by me heading straight for Hell. I rejoice in the fact that I'm in the correct lane and merging safely while others are doomed. I wonder what it will take to lead us to be constantly on the lookout for lost people? Do we really really care? When we witness, do we do it out of some sheer feeling inside us that tells us that if we don't, we're not "good Christians" or do we witness because we care about lost souls?

Even for the mature Christian, I think we walk around spiritually drunk and oblivious to the people around us. Sometimes God takes some form of tragedy to sober us and pour cold water on our spirit to wake us to the fragility of life. He's only promised us today. Posted by Picasa


Chris Moody said...

Good point Justin. You da man!

Blake Wilbanks said...

Good point - But you know there is such a hard balance here. What is it to be apart from the world, but not to be so different and strange that makes the world want to buck our advice and blow down the ramp the opposite way at 100mph. For example I was hanging out with a bunch of seminarians not too long ago and thought "if this is what typical Christians are I wouldn't woant to have anything to do with
Christ". We get so caught up at being perfect, shiny and clean that we loose focus of living life to the full. Sometimes it's ok to make mistakes because God is the one who is seeking us and will do so even if it is through different motives and even because we are seeking something else. You know maybe we shine in Christ even brighter because of such horrendous mistakes. "You love much because you have been forgiven of much."