Thursday, April 14, 2005

Utterly Amazing

All my life, I've been kinda amazed at stupid human tricks. Let me tell you what happened the other day at the house. Lee was outside picking up bottles in the backyard. No, he has money and no he is not selling them. The people that lived on the lot before he did left lots of bottles in the backyard. They were really cool. Even had a RedRock! I used to drink Red Rock as a kid. Loved it. I don't know why I just shared all that.

So Lee walked outside to grab some more bottles. As he was walking out, I took a big swig of Diet Coke and right as I did something happened. Well Sandy made a crack and I inhaled the diet coke, literally. Not 2 seconds after this, coke begans to drip from my nose at the same right a coffee maker works. It was glorious. I just held it in my hand. It was a puddle. I was so happy that I went around showing the roomies what my nose had made. All my life I've wanted to be able to do it. Amazing. Thanks for sharing in this with me.


Ed said...

I've had a substance resembling diet coke drip from my rectum at the rate of a coffee maker before. I didn't want to let it puddle in my hand though.

Sandy Gibbes said...

Ed you are rediculously gross.....and I love it. Why don't you come hang out and quit stealing boats out of our garage and hitting our/my car?

Casey said...

That is too funny! I don't know you, but I had to tell you that made me laugh! At least it wasn't too painful. To this day, my dad refuses to eat mustard because of a similar experience...that had to hurt!